Community Norms for EJRA (Synchronous Reading Group)

B R I N G   Y O U R S E L F

  • Find a quiet space to participate.

  • Use the mute button when you are not speaking or preparing to speak to prevent transmitting background noise.

  • Turn on your video whenever possible, and be camera-ready.

  • Be mindful this is not an expert presentation, and rather a discussion space for learners

P R E P A R E 

  • You are invited to attend

    • Without any prior knowledge of the subject

    • If you arrive with lots of questions

    • If you have not read the entire paper

  • Reading the abstract and conclusion of the paper are encouraged

    • Reading the entire paper is not required

    • Being transparent about what you have or have not read is appreciated​

    • If you end up being led to another article or source, please share as long as it fits with that specific week's title

S H A R E 

  • Our community norms emphasize curiosity, kindness and compassion with oneself and with each other.

  • Share talking time with other community members. Be mindful of the amount of time you are talking and pause to hear other’s views.

  • Treat contributions made by other participants with respect. 

  • Respect the diverse opinions and viewpoints of each member of our community. Differences allow us to learn and grow together. There are no right or wrong questions or answers. 

  • Our goal is progress, not perfection in understanding and discussing identity and environment

  • Have patience and a sense of humor with technology. There will be hiccups, expect them.

  • Meetings will be recorded for anyone who would like to view the discussion group asynchronously.

  • Keep an open mind. If you’re feeling reluctant to share or listen to certain viewpoints, that’s okay. Take it one step at a time and look at this as an opportunity to learn something new.

  • We reserve the right to remove participants from this community if needed to safeguard these community norms. 

*these community guidelines were borrowed and adapted from some of our most cherished communities and are not the original work of the community shapers*


Black, Indigenous People: BIP

Non-Black People Of Color: NBPOC

These acronyms are being used to identify separately Black and Indigenous people who have experience similar types of bias, prejudice, discrimination, colonialism, and mass murder. "Minorities" and "people of color" are terms that, while useful in certain contexts, can have the effect of erasing experiences of groups as well. 

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